Cuberta sales corporations is a truly professional company driven by a set of young guys .They are very quick in responding  ,quality minded ,and customer oriented.

Welcome to Cuberta Sales Corporation

A noble vision steered by a group of enthusiastic youth, has turned into a trendsetting term in roofing industry – Cuberta Corporation. ‘Cuberta’ means ‘roofing’ in Spanish, the name that mirrors what we are onto, in a better way. Through customer-centric approach and top-notch services we have stabilized our position as a reliable supplier of world-class roofing materials for commercial and residential purposes in India.

By being a one stop source for roofing and installation materials, Cuberta can offer right choice of roofing supplies at competitive prices to homeowners, roofing contractors, home builders and to the developing industry as well. Cuberta import and supplies roofing materials from GAF, not only the foremost producers of high resistance roofing shingles and products but the pioneers of quality roofing concept in North America.
For just pennies-a-day more, you can enjoy our best, thickest, most ultra-dimensional Timberline shingle (and increase your resale value, too!)
Timberline Ultra HD™ Shingles will cost you just pennies-a-day more than standard architectural shingles. In return, you can enjoy the thickest, most ultra-dimensional wood-shake look for your roof.
Thanks to layers that are up to 53% thicker than standard architectural shingles combined with our patented High Definition blends.