Cuberta sales corporations is a truly professional company driven by a set of young guys .They are very quick in responding  ,quality minded ,and customer oriented.

About Cuberta

A noble vision steered by a group of enthusiastic youth, has turned into a trendsetting term in roofing industry –  Cuberta Corporation. ‘Cuberta’ means ‘roofing’ in Spanish, the name that mirrors what we are onto, in a better way. Through customer-centric approach and top-notch services we have stabilized our position as a reliable supplier of world-class roofing materials for commercial and residential purposes in India. By being a one stop source for roofing and installation materials, Cuberta can offer right choice of roofing supplies at competitive prices to homeowners, roofing contractors, home builders and to the developing industry as well. Cuberta import and supplies roofing materials from GAF, not only the foremost producers of high resistance roofing shingles and products but the pioneers of quality roofing concept in North America.

We take pride in accomplishing each roofing projects we undertake in a much innovative fashion without meddling with quality, time schedules and precision. We go to the extra mile to incorporate even the remotest needs of our customers even though  by doing so is not economically viable choice. Capitalizing on the rich experience of Cuberta experts in the roofing realm, the company is geared up to take any challengingly customized roofing projects to commercial and public customers. For more than 8 years Cuberta Corporation has been the distributor of quality roofing products among architects and roofing experts in India.  Apart from as a supply point of full line of roofing shingles to choose from, we do application of roofing shingles too.  

Why choose us

Cuberta Corporation is the authentic roofing merchants of GAF roofing products and accessories in India. Our knowledge in selecting superior roofing shingles, residential asphalt shingles and siding choices has allowed us to offer our customers the opportunity to get top quality roofing and siding products and accessories. Fool-proof roofing installation capabilities we employ such as commercial torch-on roofing and nailing method assures quality and maintains our tradition of innovation. We source roofing products that best fit the building standards suiting the environmental features of Indian Sub continent.  Cuberta Corporation is capable of catering diverse products in demand of roofing industry from roofing shingles, asphalt shingles to siding products. Under one roof of Cuberta, you will find everything that make your roof a statement that reiterates your home dreams. Since inception, Cuberta Corporation follows a tradition of excellence where customer is our top priority. How big or small your roofing job is, our knowledgeable and professional staff ensures an on-time and a safe delivery of roofing materials at your jobsite. We believe in word-of-mouth advertising and take every step to make your experience with us a long rewarding one.

Methods of Application

Roofs can be of any shapes or sizes, leave the rest to us. It all depends on quality installation,  to make your roof appear as an inseparable part of your home or building structure.  At Cuberta Corporation our goal is to provide the extra quality in installation services by perfectly figuring out the number of roofing shingles and type of shingle to be used. By flawlessly determining the bundles of roof shingles including adding allowances to rooftrees (ridges) our roofing professionals assembles a stylish roof that seamlessly integrate with your building. Whether your roofing structure is in any geometric shapes, we makeshift it to an elegant structure. We employ proven roofing installation methods and will do timely tweaking to these methods to make it unfailing always. The two state-of-the-art installation application methods we use are:
  1. Nailing Method
  2. Torch On Method
Nailing Method

This is a universally accepted and much popular roofing installation method employed in roofing industry worldwide. Nail method is a common shingling method that roofers utilize either by using hands or by power guns. Both serves the same purpose, and the final outcome reckons a lots of quality from roofing professionals. Cuberta has versatile nail shingle roofing crews who had undergone quality training at par industry.

Torch on method
Unlike nail shingling method, Torch on method is a roofing application method which require sufficient expertise in specific areas. As this is a comprehensive method demanding dexterity in thermal insulation and waterproofing very less roofing vendors perform. Cuberta is one such roofing company, probably the pioneering one in India to use this method of application in roofing installation. We harness this novice shingle application method and customize it to get it done as a uniquely our own one, which assures quality, durability and precision.