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1. Garden Drentex
It is a sheet drain made up of a three-dimensional polystyrene structure with a polypropylene geotextile on one side.
The non-woven propylene acts as a water filter to prevent soil from blocking drainage, while the polystyrene dimples guide and drain off the water. The entire system drains off water and protects the waterproofing on walls, foundations, etc.
A stable, reliable, rot-, root- and fungi-proof drainage system.
Because all the dimples are connected directly to the geotextile structure, high compressive strength is provided to ensure the drainage volume is not reduced by pressure from the soil.
Easy to transport and install.

2. Geotextile
It is a polypropylene- and polyethylene-based heat-welded non-woven geotextile for use in construction and public works.
Excellent chemical resistance against alkalis and acids usually found in the ground.
It is not affected by bacteria and gungi. It is nutrient-free, and is therefore not attaccked by rates and termites.